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GRP Laminating
Light but strong

GRP is a strong but lightweight and durable material which allows designers, architects, contractors and conservation planners to push the boundaries of modern design, whilst being able to replicate the visual finish of traditional building techniques but without the load bearing effects on the existing substructure. 

Fibreglass Laminating
Batch production

GRP is not only the ideal material choice for many one off products it is also the material of choice for many batch run items too allowing for multiple units to be made from each mould, be they segments to make up a whole or complete identical units for the same project. For larger projects we would generally make several moulds to increase the production rate.

GRP Structures
Interior detailing

GRP can be used for both external and internal applications, producing design which are hard to achieve in many other materials. Again it has weight advantages over many other material options and can be easily painted where required to match the internal decor.

Fire rated materials can be used in the laminating process where required.

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